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Customer Service Stories

Canada Goose Parka “Please – Hold the Gravy”

OMG! “Hold the gravy”

This Canada Goose Parka came in covered in gravy and completely unwearable.

The fur was especially bad and the gravy had hardened making the fur stiff and dis-colored.

Usually we do not recommend cleaning the fur (deodorize only) but in this case, we had no choice. The customer gave us permission to do whatever was necessary to restore the coat.

She signed the release and we got to work.

The Parka had to be cleaned using 2 different techniques. The fur had to be cleaned and restored by hand. The results were amazing and the Parka is now fully restored!

Next time we’ll recommend that this customer “hold the gravy” LOL. 😂😂

“Gravy-held” Parka

The “Yellow” Tuxedo Shirt…

The Tuxedo Shirt

Late one Friday afternoon we received a call from a customer desperate to get their tuxedo shirt cleaned. They had an event Saturday evening and their shirt was a mess. They had called other dry cleaners but could not get anyone to help them out.

Also, the city was partially shut down due to a protest going on in the downtown… most businesses were closing up. We were staying open. Referred to us, we agreed to try and get this problem solved for them. When the shirt came in, it was had yellow stains all over the front…it looked terrible.

We explained that while we do not guarantee stain removal, we do guarantee we will try our best. Cleaning charges would still apply regardless as we need to be compensated for our efforts. The customer agreed, and we got to work.

The customer had no idea what was on the shirt and the stains had likely been on there for many months. There are two things that make stain removal more difficult, age and not knowing what the stains are! This would be a challenge but we were up for it.

Having cleaning equipment on the premises and over 30 years experience in the trade means there is literally nothing that we haven’t seen or done before. The shop manager pre-treated  the stain and laundered the shirt first thing Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, the yellow staining lightened but did not come off entirely, the shirt was still unwearable. Not good enough. It was my day off, but the manager called me at home..

“Boss what else should I do?” “Send me a picture” I said while I was playing Lego with my six year old. After analyzing the picture, I called back the manager and told him to use the specialized  overnight  soaking process we use for restoring wedding dresses.

“OK…but the customer wants this today and we haven’t charged for the extra process.”

“Don’t worry about it” I said “ just do it for a couple might work”.

“OK” said the manager “but all the shirts are done for the day and the shirt presser employee wants to go home”. “Can you please stay and press the item by hand? “ I asked the manager.

“No problem Boss” the manager replied. Another couple hours went by…” Ding!” I received a text. It was a picture of the tuxedo  shirt…it looked perfect!

I congratulated the manager…” Great job Leo! thanks for the extra effort…the shirt looks amazing!” The customer came in later that afternoon, picked up their shirt and was able to attend the event.

Total charge for the service…under $10 bucks.

The “new” Tuxedo Shirt

Market Cleaners…dedicated customer service and expertise in action for over 30 years!

The tale of an ugly yellowed duckling that turned back into a beautiful white goose…

Ugly Yellow Duckling

This customer unfortunately washed their expensive Canada Goose Parka at home. Washing a Canada Goose Parka is not recommended by the manufacturer and can void the warranty. The result was a parka that came into us for cleaning covered in yellow stains with the down flattened and clumped together in hard balls.

We agreed to try and restore the parka back to it’s former glory… with no guarantees. After signing the customer release.. we got to work.

After using 3 different cleaning methods to remove the yellowing and then employing a special process to slowly and gently break up the down to restore it’s loft over many hours… the results were absolutely incredible!

This customer now has a warm coat they can wear again and has saved an item that can cost well over a thousand dollars to replace!

Beautiful White Goose

The reason customers prefer to clean their Canada Goose Parkas at Market Cleaners… dedicated customer service, expertise in action and incredible results!